Tuple teams up with Kit and Ace for an in-store demo.




Infinite Mannequin Demo

Kit and Ace

Experience Design

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Kit and Ace

For Kit and Ace, the big difference is their clothing’s ability to go from trendy office to trendier night spot, and for Tuple the challenge was delivering a beautiful and functional way to demonstrate how a customer can make that happen. Shoppers want to be pulled into the beautifully styled worlds retailers are weaving, frequently in a self-guided way, on familiar and engaging devices.

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In Store

Beautiful clothing on your smartphone is impressive, and more so on a tablet, but even more so on a life-size display. With an eye towards situational buyers, and shopper’s preferences, we created an in-store experience using a combination of iPad, large hi-def display.

An in-store experience using a combination of iPad, large hi-def display

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On Display

Built on AWS/Node/Angular, it allowed a personalized display of suggested garments and accessories based on the users’ activities and tastes. Compelling UX and a backend to link several systems and devices all together in real time completed this project - we called it Infinite Mannequin.

Experiences like the one we built fill the gaps between human interactions and create opportunities for retailers to interact.

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Key Findings

  • iPad interactions drove large format display in real-time
  • Created in two weeks
  • On-brand, 100% customized visuals
  • Personalization data curated from typical customer behaviors
  • Recommended merchandise from entire catalog accessible
  • Utilized off the shelf hardware
  • Backend powered by AWS, Node, Angular

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In-store experiences have the opportunity to interconnect multiple ubiquitous technologies in legitimately useful ways, if the skill to connect it all is there. We’d love to see what we can do with geolocation, larger data sets, larger displays, merchandising systems, and anything else we can get our hands on to make shopping more fun and less onerous. An ambitious retailer can blow away customers and empower their staff with what exists. Today.