Site wide lift for retail giant Half Price Books.




Mobile Redesign

Half Price Books


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Half Price Books

It was no surprise to us that when Half Price Books approached us with a challenge we were thrilled, what with a solid 1/3 of our team coming from one form or another of english, library, or literary background. Combined with Half Price Books ambition, and our mobile chops, we put together an experience that boosted site-wide conversion by 150% in just six weeks.

We set out to optimize three things: site navigation, locating a store, and searching merchandise.

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Rich Site Navigation

A modernized navigational experience across every mobile page was critical; users expect certain niceties such as geolocation and immediate feedback nowadays. Once we had a solid UX designed we set out to add native-feeling functionality through progressive enhancement that added platform specific features such as mobile driving directions.

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Implementation Challenge

To bring it all together we utilized engineering skills honed during our SaaS platform days. Often referred to as “injection” and sometimes referred to by us as “benevolent hijacking” because who doesn’t want to be a friendly pirate, we integrated our code into their environment, neatly sandboxed, with a single line of implementation code. We rolled out functionality well and above what was expected and shoppers have been thrilled!

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Key Findings

  • Immediate conversion increase site-wide of 150% after just a month
  • Progressive Enhancement-based UX including native mobile features
  • Injection-based, single-line implementation
  • AWS powered

121% Site Wide lift in mobile conversions

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We take the challenges of working with functioning commerce sites very seriously. Experiences meant to motivate sales need to be aggressively user-centric and implementation can’t be crippled by fear of implementing that UX. Together Half Price Books saw an opportunity to be audacious with us and shoot for big gains, and we’re confident that our continued relationship will bear just as much fruit!