Tuple is a full service,
digital product consultancy

COVID-19 Response - TakeAway, saving food service businesses

Get your restaurant online and taking orders within 24 hours

We take your restaurant online within 24 hours of receiving a menu and your financial configuration information. Unlike food delivery apps, your online menu is branded to only your restaurant. Customers see your menu and brand alone, on your own website, instead of being listed alongside your competitors.

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Rapid Start Package: $4,450 (includes all of the following)

  • Customized Landing Page
    • Business name
    • Text less than 100 words explaining the introduction of online ordering
    • Button to order online (directs to menu and ordering interface)
  • Online ordering platform
    • Uploaded menu
    • Online credit card processing
    • Estimated time of arrival
    • A customer to restaurant contact system
    • Apple Pay
    • PayPal (additional fee, situation dependent - inquire with your rep)
  • Initial Advertising
    • Hand crafted email to send to customers (requires mailing list)
    • Social media posts on one of each of:
      • Snapchat (3)
      • Instagram (1)
      • Facebook (1)
      • Twitter (3)
      • Additional posts available, see below in Add Ons
  • Take Out Logistics
    • Connection with to go container retailer
    • Driver coordination tools
    • To go order placement
    • Guidance on insurance setup vendors***

Add Ons

  • Custom Web Pages
    • $450 per custom page
  • Location Selection on Website
    • $1,750 to add in multiple locations
  • Menu Photos
    • $200 to add in photos to pair with menu items
  • Professional photography
    • $750 for us to send out a professional photographer to capture menu items
  • Physical To Go Menus
    • Price varies based on quantity
  • Extended Advertising
    • $100 to craft a Facebook ad
    • $100 to craft a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter post announcing an online component
    • $150 to revamp Yelp page to include delivery information
  • Phone Line
    • $450 to set up a phone line that connects you to your server to place an order
  • Bartending Services
    • $500 to coordinate logistics and explain the legality of alcohol transport

Sell online today: Email Us or Call Us

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Tuple disrupts financial tech with user driven design.

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Tuple teams up with Kit and Ace for an in-store infinite mannequin demo.

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Half Price Books

Tuple delivers a 121% Site Wide lift in mobile conversions for retail giant Half Price Books. The best part? We did it in just 6 weeks.

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